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My Hummingbird Encounter

February 19th, 2014

My Hummingbird Encounter

When I got my SLR Nikon F65 many years ago, I used to follow the sound of Asian sun birds and tried to take some closed up wildlife pictures. I thought the sun birds are in the same category of the American hummingbirds. As years have gone by, my knowledge about birds has increased. And the digital camera which I'm using is Fuji E900 has 3x optical maximize only. Taking picture has become very challenging as compare with the SLR camera especially the focus object is moving so fast like the hummingbird. I managed to shoot some nice picture of this wonderful creature when it sat still on tree branch, but very small image. To fill up the gap of my desire for a bigger image of hummingbird, I therefore paint the bird.

My painting style has gone from realism to abstract and I did a series of acrylic relief of the hummingbirds. It was magical moment when someones stopped by my booth display viewed and touched my painting then said they wanted to take it. It was even more magical when a hummingbirds flew towards one of my painting (see the image) during my art show during the new year. It hovered for about 10 seconds in front of the painting and went away upon realized it wasn't able to enter inside it.